Coachella Do’s and Don’ts, Volume 2

Whether you’re attending Weekend 1 or Weekend 2, the number of sleeps until Coachella is now in the teens! With only a few weeks to go, it’s time to start locking in your plans and going in to the final stages of preparation.  Here’s another installment of do’s and don’ts that’s more particular to last minute prep, to help you increase your Coachella readiness and enjoy the festival like a pro.


  • Make Coachella playlists for the ride, and make some available offline. Even if you have unlimited data, you’ll likely be driving through desert with some spots that have iffy service.

    So, to enjoy your tunes to the fullest on the way down, get an app like Beats or Spotify that allows you to make playlists available offline… just make sure to delete these playlists once you get there if you plan on using that device to take pictures. I was frantically deleting entire applications in order to make room for more Dillon Francis pictures last month, and that’s not a situation you want to get in during your favorite act. Be sure to add artists from the lineup that you are less familiar with as well – it’s a great way to pass the time on your trip and find new favorites at the same time.

  • Register your wristband. If you’re going to have a problem, you’ll want to know about it now instead of when you get to the festival. Last year, a girl in our group had bought a wristband from another individual, and it ended up having no RFID tag attached (the square portion that says GA/VIP and has the registration code on the back). It ended up being fixable, but we had to wait for about two hours for this individual to send her a picture of his ID for verification purposes – only then could she get a replacement.  Registering your wristband in advance will alert you of any potential errors before you’re impatiently waiting just outside the festival grounds.coachella pass


  • Make unnecessary stops along the way. Some people we camped with last year stopped at essentially every Walmart from Las Vegas to Indio. It’s annoying to the people in your caravan that did prepare and don’t need to stop. This all goes hand in hand with communication and planning.  Make lists, double check yourself, do whatever you need to do to ensure that your stops along the way are minimal. The later you arrive to the festival grounds, the further back your camping spot will be, which will make it more difficult to go back to your campsite in between sets midday.
  • Get pulled over. Don’t give a police officer any reason to stop you. Don’t speed, don’t swerve, don’t roll through stop signs, don’t let your friends have open containers, don’t have your copilot steer while you take off your hoodie. Just do everything in your realm of control to prevent an interaction with a police officer. Be conscious of this at all times. I’d also recommend reading this excellent article from The Festival Lawyer to be prepared just in case you are stopped. In fact, you should go ahead and read all of The Festival Lawyer’s posts. Knowledge of your own rights is the most powerful tool you can bring along. My favorite Festival Lawyer quote: “Better to know your rights and not need them, than to need your rights and not know them.”

If you’re a little behind in your festival prep, be sure to check out my first installment of do’s and don’ts as well! I’m going to Weekend 2, so if you are as well, I’ll see you there in 18 days! Check out this new track from Dillon Francis and Martin Garrix that dropped yesterday at Ultra – both of them will be at Coachella as well!!

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